Phase One - Child Cycling Rates

The following tables, compiled by Tom Morton and Alan Clayton, detail the data from observing children, aged from 9 to 11 years, on their own pedal cycles in a safe off road environment. They were not aware they were being observed, except for table 2 where they were given instructions to deliberately cycle as fast as they could.

Table One

Acceleration Rates Children 9 to 11 years BOYS GIRLS
Number in sample 44 70
Average Time 4.67 Seconds 4.55 Seconds
Acceleration Average 1.02 ms-2 1.07 ms-2
85%tile 0.88 ms-2 0.94 ms-2
50%tile 0.7 ms-2 0.75 ms-2
15%tile 0.61 ms-2 0.64 ms-2

Table Two

Deliberate Fast Start Acceleration Rates Children 9 to 11 years BOYS GIRLS
Number in sample 6 10
Average Time 3.67 Seconds 3.85 Seconds
Acceleration Average 1.61 ms-2 1.43 ms-2
85%tile 1.47 ms-2 1.30 ms-2
50%tile 1.17 ms-2 1.11 ms-2
15%tile 0.81 ms-2 0.82 ms-2

Table Three

Constant Velocity Rates Children 9 to 11 years BOYS GIRLS
Number in sample 22 18
Average Time 4.43 Seconds 4.28 Seconds
Average velocity 2.26 ms-1 2.34 ms-1
85%tile 2.12 ms-1 2.26 ms-1
50%tile 1.96 ms-1 2.03 ms-1
15%tile 1.86 ms-1 1.61 ms-1

Table Four

Constant Velocity Slalom Course Children 9 to 11 years BOYS GIRLS
Number in sample 9 14
Average Time 5.25 Seconds 6.13 Seconds
Average Velocity 2.44 ms-1 2.09 ms-1
85%tile 2.25 ms-1 2.0 ms-1
50%tile 1.95 ms-1 1.89 ms-1

Phase Two - Acceleration Rates Amateur Sports Cyclists

The following tables relate to acceleration rates of amateur sports cyclists. These tables have been compiled from timings of a wide range of riders, of varying age and ability, involved in cycle time trails.
They reflect the riders acceleration rates when deliberately attempting a fast start from a standstill over the initial 25 metres.
The tables have been compiled in age related categories in keeping with the 'Road Cycle Time Trial', age categories and sex of the rider. The riders were unaware they were being observed and were using a wide variety of sports sycles some of a specialised design.

Table Five

Deliberate Fast Start Acceleration Rates Juniors - Boys 12 to 16 years
Number in sample 8
Average Time 5.73 Seconds
Average Velocity 1.57 ms-2

Table Six

Deliberate Fast Start Acceleration Rates Seniors - Men 17 to 39 Years
Number in sample 100
Average Time 5.14 Seconds
Average Velocity 1.76 ms-2
85%tile 1.66 ms-2
50%tile 1.50 ms-2
15%tile 1.18 ms-2

Table Seven

Deliberate Fast Start Acceleration Rates - Veterans Men 40 Years and above Ladies 35 and above
Number in Sample 100 10
Average Time 5.79 seconds 5.95 Seconds
Average velocity 1.54 ms-2 1.46 ms-2
85%tile 1.45 ms-2 NA
50%tile 1.27 ms-2 NA
15%tile 0.94 ms-2 NA

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