Professional Road Accident Investigation


We aim to provide an efficient & professional road accident investigation service

Where we work:
We take instructions to investigate road collisions worldwide. We specialise in investigating collisions occurring in the UK.

Our way of working:
We visit and photograph each crash scene personally and where available, sight, examine and photograph each vehicle. We keep our workload to an easily manageable level. This way we aim to maintain a high quality, efficient and timely service to all our valued customers. Throughout we will maintain contact with you and keep you updated on the progress of the investigation.

Our reports:
Our confidential reports follow a logical sequence and we strive to present the subject matter in clear easily understandable language making reference to photographs and plans as appropriate. Albums of photographs are accompanied with an annotated index. We provide two copies of all written work, plans and photographs; one bound and one loose leaf.

Our duty:
We understand our duty is to the Court not solely to the party who instructs us. We understand and abide by Part 35 Civil Procedure Rules. Consequently we do not accept instructions based on the outcome of a case or tribunal.

Please call to discuss whether we may be able to assist you - without obligation. We can review papers or discuss an incident before providing an estimate of the cost of a full file.

Fees are based on an hourly rate for active work on an investigation. A reduced hourly rate is charged for travelling to and from crash scenes or vehicle examinations, court or tribunals. Other disbursements incurred during the investigation are charged accordingly. Additional expenses are charged where appropriate. Please note that no work will be undertaken until our Terms and Conditions have been signed. We believe our service is excellent value for money, consequently we welcome and encourage comparison.

Who we are:
Alan Clayton has attended the scenes of many hundreds of road collisions and actively investigated many of them over a 20 year period as a police officer. He has prepared reports for and given evidence in numerous criminal cases and also civil cases. He is a member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators, holds a Licentiateship of the City & Guilds of London Institute in Road Accident Investigation


  • Attended and passed courses in road traffic law which included tachograph legislation, installation and chart analysis.

  • Holds City and Guilds of London Institute Certificates in Drivers Hours Recording Equipment & Legislation (Level II) and in the Techniques of Tachograph Calibration (Level lll).
  • Holds City & Guilds of London Institute Certificate for motor vehicle construction and usage, also City & Guilds of London Institute Certificate for police vehicle examiners.
  • Attended both Standard and Advanced Accident Investigation courses conducted by West Midlands Police.
  • Holds a City & Guilds of London Institute Certificate for Road Accident Investigation.
  • Holds a Licentateship of the City & Guilds of London Institute
  • Is a full member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators.
  • Advanced Certificate in Education (Post Compulsory) Canterbury Christ Church University College.

Relevant experience and courses.
  • Completed the Tyre Technical Course conducted by Michelin Tyres.

  • Received training in the use of total station survey equipment and subsequent production of scale plans.
  • Ai Training Services Ltd, Ai Damage Advanced Course.
  • Ai Training Services Ltd, Relmo.
    Attended courses in relation to:
  • Supplementary seat restraint systems and air bags.

  • Motorcycle dynamics appreciation.

  • Signing, Guarding and lighting of street works.

  • Road Safety Audit Course, conducted by TMS Consultancy.
  • ABS Systems on light vehicles.
  • Handling and Stability.
  • Forensic Vehicle Recovery Awareness.
  • Expert Witness Training, conducted by Bond Solon.
  • Single Joint Expert Training, conducted by Bond Solon.
  • A current CPD record, updated to December 2013, checked and endorsed by the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators is available for inspection if required. CPD for 2014 is being compiled